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How wechat came to rule the world

What are Auto Reply?

Type in “Hello” in our WeChat Official Account (OA), and you will get an answer “Is there anything I can help you with?”

Auto Reply Content :
WeChat Material / Text / Image / Voice

What are User Defined Menu?

WeChat allow every single official account to create their own “MENU” that navigate user to everywhere but limited to 3 Main Tabs and 15 Sub Tabs.

You can always switch between “MENU” or “KEYBOARD” located below.

What are WeChat Article?

WeChat Article are similar with WeChat Materials, the only different are WeChat Article are create under our system and WeChat Material are create under mp.weixin.qq.com panel.

WeChat Article Incl.

1. Article Title

2. Article Keyword
Keyword to trigger the article

3. Thumbnail
Cover image for the article

4. Description
Short description / summary for the article

5. Content
Full content for the article, incl. Text, Media, Graphic, Links and etc

6. Read Time
Estimated time for reading this article

What are WeChat Web?

WeChat Web are the Mini Website in WeChat, you can insert any Banner and Icon to navigate your user to anywhere, the function are similar with “User Defined Menu”.

There are 14 different types of Templates are ready to use.

What are Style UI?

Style UI are the preset elements that able to use to design your own article, there are over 1000 elements that ready to use.

eg. Header, Title, Paragraph, Rich Materials, Dividing Line, Emoji, QR Code, Material, Dynamic, Like and Share, Read More, Article Background, Season Material, etc.

What are QR Code Generator?

QR Code Generator are the tools that allow admin to generate their own QR code based on “URL” or any “Keywords”, the QR Code can be post in any social media or location that lead user to WeChat and obtain the related information.

What are Memberships?

Memberships are the features that allow you to collect more details from the followers. Followers will need to verify thru their email address to reduce fake accounts.

1. Outlet Management
Create and list your outlets

2. Member Card Management
Create your own member level and every single details

3. Grab Coupon
Create any coupon that benefit your members

4. Point Redeem Coupon
Similar with (3), the different are this kind of coupon need to redeem using point

5. Birthday Coupon
Coupon special for birthday baby

6. Member Panel
Panel to check all member status, issue point and push coupon to selected member

What are Offline Points Rewards?

Offline Points Rewards are the function that allow “Authorized Staff” transfer or issue point to selected members by scanning the QR on the spot


All-in-One WeChat Service Official Account

RM 3,000

+ USD 99 (WeChat Verification)

8 Features incl.
WeChat OA Basic Setup
Free 1 Month Maintenance
Free Online Training & Guide Book
Documentation Handling

Renewal fee for coming year : RM 1,400
We will collect 1 ~ 12 documentation from you once you done purchase.


Let’s build its together.

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